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Tri-Cities News
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Music Set - April 23, 2017   
Open Up The Heavens (Gray)
Lion and the Lamb (Gray)
Jesus Is Better (Gray)
It Is Well (Gray and JC)
Beneath The Water (Gray)
This Is Amazing Grace (JC)
Raised To Life (JC)

Acts Message Series
Study the book of Acts with us in 2017! We will study and preach from the book of Acts throught the fall semester. Acts is the true story of the desperately dependent, fervently loving, sacrificially devoted, radically repentant, boldly proclaiming, globally impacting, joy-filled Church unleashed with the Gospel. Acts not only provides the story of the Church in the past but also gives us a vision for the church today.

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Running the Race With Endurance
Elder Letter by Gene Mermilliod
The goal of being debt free may be admirable, but it is not the end game. We now have the capacity to expand our outreach as a church body to the ends of the earth as the Lord has directed us (Acts 1:8). Continue Reading.

Go All In - Baptism
Sunday, April 30
Baptism is a public celebration declaring that I am a Jesus follower! Our next baptism will be Sunday, April 30. Sign up for more information about being baptized!

Deacon Recommendations
TCBC members are invited to nominate deacon candidates who meet the exemplary qualifications given in 1 Timothy 3:8-13. As you read this passage, prayerfully consider qualified men and submit names for nomination. Candidates will be assessed by the elders for qualification, interest, and calling. Please submit this form by April 30, 2017. Nominate Someone For Deacon.

Family Meeting
Sunday, May 7 @ 6:00pm at the Johnson City Campus
The Family Meeting is for the entire TCBC family! Join us as we worship God and celebrate his work together at the Johnson City campus!

Safe Families - Information Meeting
Sunday, April 30 at 12:15pm - Gray Campus Room 100
The goal of Safe Families is to help children at risk for abuse and neglect. Families that are experiencing a crisis can arrange for their children to stay with a safe family temporarily at no cost to the parents.

Summer Study Groups
Study Groups are an important discipleship tool to deepen your understanding of God. Visit for upcoming groups this Summer!

Spring 2017 Ministry Magazine
Grab a copy of the Ministry Magazine at each campus or visit to see how God has used the the people of TCBC in 2016!

2017 Mission Projects
During 2017, TCBC family will be serving around the world! Contact leaders about serving in Nicaragua, Washington D.C., Portland, South Africa, Costa Rica and more! View upcoming mission projects! Give to Give2Go.

Family Week May 7 - May 14
- Sunday, May 7
Family Meeting 6:00pm @ Johnson City Campus
High School Senior Graduation Brunch - Gray
Parent Commissioning Celebration - Gray

- Wednesday, May 10
AWANA Grand Prix 5:30pm @ Gray
Family Night 6:30pm @ Gray
Final Launch (Middle & High School) 6:30pm @ Gray

- Sunday, May 14
Parent Commissioning (Mothers Day) - Both campuses - Sign Up!
Special Study Groups - Gray