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We Gather for Worship

We gather to worship God together because it brings him great glory and because it is vital to our spiritual health and growth.
Yes, our entire lives are to be "living sacrifices" of worship to God (Romans 12:1), and private worship is also very important (hence our "Abide" core value). But gathering to worship together is fundamentally important. We are not isolated believers, but a family and a "body." We are a redeemed community of Jesus-followers on mission together.
God's glory is uniquely magnified in the assembly of his people for worship.
- We read and hear God's word together.
- We sing truth and praise him together.
- We celebrate God's grace in Jesus Christ together.
- We submit to his lordship together.
- We pray together.
- We hear biblical preaching together.
- We give sacrificially together.
- We find ever-deepening joy in Jesus together!
We'd love for you to join us this week as we gather to worship God together!