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A growing, abiding relationship with Jesus is vital to all aspects of spiritual health. Similarly, healthy service prioritizes serving and being served in the inner circle. From a healthy inner circle, the believer’s service flows to the extended and missional circles, comprising a balanced frame of churchwide service.

Inner Circle Healthy service prioritizes serving and being served in the inner circle among family, life group and close friends. 

Extended Circle In balance with a healthy inner circle, believers pursue ministry opportunities and use our gifts to serve our church family.

Missional Circle - Jesus followers serve with kindness and compassion, meeting needs and faithfully sharing the love of the Father. 

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Serving the Inner Circle: My Family, Close Friends, and Life Group

Healthy service prioritizes relationships: 1) our abiding relationship with Christ, and, 2) serving and being served by our inner circle of family, close friends and life group. A healthy inner circle provides a foundation for balanced church and missional service, modeling the examples of Christ and the early New Testament church in serving one another.

Personal Metric: Am I serving and being served by those closest to me?

Resources to strengthen your inner circle

Family Roles:
Introducing Life Groups to Three Circles of Influence


Serving My Church & My City

The Gospel is on display when we serve others in our church and our city from a healthy inner circle

Personal Metric: Am I using my gifts to serve my church family? 

Personal Metric: Am I meeting needs and sharing the message of the Gospel?