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A growing, abiding relationship with Jesus is vital to all aspects of spiritual health. Similarly, healthy service prioritizes serving and being served in the inner circle. From a healthy inner circle, the believer’s service flows to the extended and missional circles, comprising a balanced frame of churchwide service.

Inner Circle Healthy service prioritizes serving and being served in the inner circle among family, life group and close friends. 

Extended Circle In balance with a healthy inner circle, believers pursue ministry opportunities and use our gifts to serve our church family.

Missional Circle As Jesus followers, we serve our city by meeting needs with compassion and boldly sharing the message of the gospel. 

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Serving the Inner Circle: My Family, Close Friends, and Life Group

Healthy service prioritizes relationships: 1) our abiding relationship with Christ, and, 2) serving and being served by our inner circle of family, close friends and life group. A healthy inner circle provides a foundation for balanced church and missional service, modeling the examples of Christ and the early New Testament church in serving one another.

Personal Metric: Am I serving and being served by those closest to me?

Resources to strengthen your inner circle

Family Roles:
Introducing Life Groups to Three Circles of Influence


Serving My Church & My City

The Gospel is on display when we serve others in our church and our city from a heathy inner circle

Personal Metric: Am I using my gifts to serve my church family? 

Personal Metric: Am I meeting needs and sharing the message of the Gospel?