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“Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” –John Piper

Our God is a “sender.” God has always been about displaying His glory to a group of people that He might send them out and display His glory through them to the ends of the earth. That group of people is now called the Church. The Church is God’s “Plan A” to see people from every tribe, tongue, and language worshipping the one true God- and there is no “Plan B.” 

We take the command of Jesus to “Go into all the world and make disciples” very seriously. Will you join us in leveraging your life for the glory of God- here in the Tri-Cities and to every people group in the world? We offer short term (1-2 weeks), mid term (summer/winter break or a semester), or long term (1-2 years) opportunities to get exposure to what God is doing in the world, training on what it means to “be a disciple who makes disciples,” and to actively and intentionally play your part in God’s great mission through the local church. 

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