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Welcome to the Ministry Magazine page! God has done amazing things through the people of TCBC during 2016. Review some of the highlights from 2016 below. We cannot wait to see what God does next!

In 2016 80 people were sent around the world on short-term and mid-term mission projects. These teams shared the gospel, met needs, served others and demonstrated compassion.

104 students retreated to Doe River Gorge to break away from daily distractions and pursued God through reading His word, prayer, large group teaching, and worship.

Life Groups provide the first line of care for our church family. They comfort during seasons of loss, celebrate victories and milestones, meet needs, and pray for each other.

In 2016 our church’s giving was lower than budget by $227,000 (-10%). Meeting 2016 financial goals would have paid TCBC’s facilities debt, advanced Family Discipleship resources and sent more money toward global missions outreach.

50 people serving on five teams packed Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes at the distribution center in Boone, NC.

25 schools were represented at School Spirit Night 2016 where students invited friends for games, worship, and teaching.

22 life groups hosted fall games and loved on residents of Keystone (JC) and Cloud (Kpt) communities.

Pastors equipped 260 members from both campuses to launch the spring 2017 semester and lead our church family toward spiritual growth.

Acts covers the first 30 years of church history, where we see a group of disciples share, multiply, and spread the gospel around the world - a movement that is still going strong today!

Over three years ago, we launched the Johnson City Campus as a means to multiply God’s activity through TCBC by strategically mobilizing those who live, work, and play in Johnson City to reach people and make disciples. We are committed to this strategy as one of the ways we are a redeemed community on mission together.

Share the gospel where you live, work and play. Who will you share with? As a church we prayed for boldness, commissioned church family who work at Eastman and launched two Share Prayer Circles.

This fund has helped train 25 leaders through the TCBC Leadership Training Program. Since 2013, 11 leaders have graduated with a Masters degree in Church Ministry from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Cohort 2 graduates in May; Cohort 4 begins in August. Find more information and give at

14-17. IMPACT 2017
TCBC hosted 15 churches and 700+ middle school, high school and college students at Impact.

- 4,000 people visited the Compassion Experience during Impact and gained awareness of global poverty. Nearly 4/5 of the world’s children are growing up with no knowledge of God’s love for them through Jesus Christ. - 154 children sponsored through Compassion International.

81 New Members
joined TCBC in 2016. 85 joined in 2015 and 86 in 2014.

62% Of The People
attending the JC campus have been at TCBC less than 3 years. In 2016 JC added 21 new members, the most in the campus’ three-year history. 

234 FDP Resources
produced for parents to be involved in  discipling  their children from newborn to 5th grade.

17 People Were Saved
at the Keystone Christmas party in December 2016. 200 residents came for food,  fun  and gifts and teams shared the gospel with the residents. 

6 Student Interns
Leading middle school and high school ministries. (Laura Cabaniss, Carrie Williams, Paige LaPonsie, Seth Walker, Evan Headrick, and Christopher Noel.) 

6% Shared The Gospel
and called for a response for the first time ever in 2016. 21% of our church family shared the gospel once per month or more. 

Safe Families
TCBC and two other churches funded Bethany Christian Services to start the Safe Families program in our city. Since its start in  2015  the program has equipped 10 families to open their homes as temporary shelters for 40 kids. 

50,370,000 People
and 49 unreached people groups in Sumatra, Indonesia. Pray for the people of Sumatra, the largest  unevangelized  island in the world. 

22 Women
have committed to read and study the entire Bible in 2017 in a Study Group taught by Amy Whittington.

$430,000 Paid In 2016
Since 2011 TCBC has eliminated more than $2 million in facilities debt. TCBC will be free of facilities debt as of May 1, 2017!
Christmas Give 2016
$132,175 is the largest total Christmas Give ever.
- General Fund: $15,712
- Debt Reduction: $62,602
- Give2GO: $36,317
- Lottie Moon: $17,544

$100,402 Sent Out
Give2GO funded mission projects and teams locally and around the world.
- Church Planting - $29,896
- Sending and Mobilizing - $17,126
- Local Missions - $8,100
- Global Missions - $45,280

GO Center At Impact 17
Students and church family:
- Gave $4,075 for Remedy City Church in Portland, OR.
- Gave $2,386 for IMB OneLife project to end slavery
- Wrote 221 letters to missionaries and U.S. soldiers
Brought  572 cans of food for Food Pantry and 405 markers for The Esther School in Zambia
- Praying for boldness to share with 150 friends and classmates
- Praying for 50 unreached people groups to receive the gospel

Christmas Collection
- 221 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes sent around the world.
- 119 kids at Keystone and Memorial Park received “wish list” gifts.
- 125 Keystone kids received Santa gifts donated by TCBC kids ministry
- 58 care packages sent to U.S. soldiers overseas.
- 20 kids served by the TCBC Food Pantry received “wish list” gifts.
- 30 toys donated to Kingsport Housing Authority and Cloud Community
- 50 coats given to kids

Thank you for being the Faith Family you are. Our church is part of a movement that is much bigger than our spot on the map and our point in history. Everything God does for us is meant to be leveraged through us to the ends of the earth. God’s glory on earth is most visible through His Church. The Sherfeys love God more because of TCBC. 
Our journey at Tri-Cities is one story among thousands of others who could give testimony to how God has used this church to transform their life. Thank you for being a church who is passionate for God’s glory, serious about the gospel and disciple-making, and committed to being a multiplying church. We have experienced this first hand: abiding in Jesus in community at TCBC and being challenged to “live surrendered” to whatever King Jesus has for us. God has affirmed through you that we are being sent out this year to plant churches in Denver, Colorado. This is bigger than the Sherfeys; it’s just what we do as a sending church as we pursue faithfulness together.
Thank you for investing in us. Thank you for being patient with me as you provided space for me to learn what it means to live out my calling. Thank you for letting me serve you as one of your Elders. It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to help lead this body and we are eager to see what God does as we partner together in the gospel in the days ahead. 
Jesus is worth it.
-Derick & Cayla Sherfey

- City of 4.3 million people
- One of the fastest growing cities in North America 
- 93% are not engaged in an evangelical church
- Only one Southern Baptist Church per 52,000 people 
- 175 different languages spoken among refugees and immigrants residing in the city
Denver is a strategic city with significant opportunities for gospel advancement and global impact with the thousands who are moving to the city every year. Join The Oaks prayer team, partner financially, or pray about joining the team.