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Gym and Outdoor Fields

Member or non-member, athlete or not, Tri-Cities Baptist Church welcomes you and your family to our facility. Our gym features a walking track, weight room, full-length basketball court, children’s playroom, and men’s and women’s bathrooms with showers. We invite you to share the gift that God has given to us.

Reserving the Gym

A calendar request is required for facility usage and must be approved by TCBC staff. TCBC staff reserves the right to give preference of date, time, and location to TCBC ministry events. Space may not be used without a reservation. A new calendar request is required for each event, or annually for ongoing events.

Any changes in days or times scheduled will require notifying the Calendar Admin as soon as possible. You will need to contact the Calendar Admin to confirm availability for the new days and times.

Outside organizations wishing to use our facility must provide proper documentation showing that TCBC has been added to their insurance policy.

Gym Usage

Gym usage is a privilege and therefore certain guidelines must be adhered to:
  1. No activity will be permitted which is contrary to church policies.
  2. The calendar request form must be submitted online and check for the appropriate amount at least one week prior to the event.
  3. A key will be issued for the entrance to the gym. This key must be returned to the office after the event. If this key is lost or damaged, you will be charged $25.00 for its replacement.
  4. As part of the church building, the gym is designed for use in wholesome activities. Therefore, users of the gym will be expected to dress and conduct themselves accordingly. Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, profanity and unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Pets are not allowed in the building.
  5. There must be a minimum of one adult for every 7 children present. It is the responsibility of the adults present to make sure that children remain in the gym. The rest of the church building is off-limits.
  6. Any equipment or fixture that is damaged, lost, or destroyed, will be replaced by the individual or group responsible for the damage.
  7. All other areas of the church are off-limits unless approved by TCBC staff.


Set up and basic clean-up is the responsibility of the user of the facility. Arrangements for tables, chairs, and any other items needed must be made through the Director of Operations. Basic clean up includes sweeping the utilized area of the gym floor and disposing of trash into the provided garbage bags.

First Aid/Emergencies

Any incidents such as damages, emergencies or injuries, malfunctions of equipment, etc. should be reported to the church office as soon as possible. First Aid supplies are located at the Reception Counter. In case of an emergency, please contact Mike Cansler 423.791.3720.

Schedule Changes Due to Inclement Weather

During inclement weather such as snow or ice, the gym will follow our church snow policy. If the church is closed due to inclement weather then the gym will also be closed. During times of inclement weather, be sure to call the church office at 423.477.4484 to check on athletic activities to see if they are still on schedule.

Shower Facilities

Showers are available in both the men’s and women’s restrooms for anyone who comes prepared to clean up after a sporting event or a workout in this facility. TCBC cannot be responsible for any items left in the shower area. For safety reasons it is especially important for children to be closely supervised by a responsible adult while in this area.

*The use of the facility and all equipment will be at the risk of the participant. TCBC does not assume liability or responsibility for any injury to a user of the facility. TCBC does not make any express or implied warranty of the premises, the equipment, or fixtures.