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About TCBC Groups

We recognize Scripture as an absolute source of truth. It is God’s revelation of who He is and who He has called us to be. TCBC groups center on learning truth and guiding God’s people to live truth in community with one another. Both are needed for balanced spiritual health. We encourage everyone to participate in at least one study group and one life group.

Study Groups

Study Groups are centered on the Bible as the one source of revealed truth. Each class is led by a gifted teacher who expounds Biblical truth. Classes meet weekly and are organized into semesters. Each semester participants may enroll in a range of topical and expository studies offered in lecture, video and discussion formats. Groups meet on-campus and off-campus on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

Life Groups

Life Groups facilitate an opportunity for deeper fellowship through guided spiritual conversations. Led by a trained Life Group Guide, participants are asked:

What is God teaching you?
How have you advanced the Great Commission?
How can we pray for you?
How has God blessed you?

Life Groups pray together, care for each other’s needs and live truth together. Guided conversations foster spiritual growth, provide accountability and build dynamic community.

Life Groups meet weekly on campus or in homes throughout the communities of our region.  They meet on almost every night of the week at various times.