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GO Global

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) tells us, the church, that we are to spread the gospel to all peoples. This is done through cross-cultural missions, international church planting, and business as mission (relocating your job to live in and reach another part of the world). The local church raises up and sends out missionaries (Acts 13). Tri-Cities works through Strategic Missional Partnerships in order to effectively be a sending church. The church is a sent people, on mission, to spread the gospel and we want to mobilize our church around the world. We all have a role to play whether that is praying, giving, or going. A sending church culture starts locally and spreads globally because the mission of the church is both local and global at the same time.

Tri-Cities work in two different contexts: reached and unreached people groups. A reached context is where healthy churches already exist. Our role here is to further encourage, train, and strengthen the local churches. An unreached context is where there are no churches and less than 2% of the people group is Christian. Our role here is to help plant churches. Visit to learn about unreached people groups.

Partner: Crosspoint International Ministries
Date: June 16-23, 2017
Purpose: High school student team will work with a local church for the purpose of evangelism, community outreach, and school ministry.

Washington, DC
Partner: Veritas City Church
Date: June 22-26, 2017
Purpose: Help prepare the church to plant this Fall by canvasing neighborhoods, serving the community and city in various compassion ministries, and personal evangelism in an urban, multicultural, largely collegiate environment.

Portland, Oregon
Partner: Remedy City Church
Date: July 5-10, 2017
Purpose: Learn about church planting in an urban context with Tri-Cities first church plant. Serve Remedy City by helping with community outreach and the Sunday morning gathering.

South Africa
Partner: Ethnos Movement International
Date: June 28-July 11, 2017
Purpose: Attend Ethnos Movement International mission conference and participate in outreach opportunities among unreached people groups.

Costa Rica
Partner: Open Eyes Ministries
Date: July 1-8, 2017
Purpose: Share the good news of Jesus in the community of Canas. Our evangelic effort will include: door-to-door evangelism, speaking at public schools, feeding the poor, women's and men's ministries, and more. This is a great opportunity for those who have never participated on a mission project. 

Greenville, SC
Partner: FUGE Camps-Middle School
Date: June 26-July 1, 2017
Purpose: This is a mission project combined with a camp experience. Students have the opportunity go on mission in the city of Greenville and be the hands and feet of the gospel to others. In the evening they are challenged in their faith through gospel-centered worship and teaching. It’s a fun week of spiritual growth and of building deeper relationships with others through missions.

Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon
Partners: Summit Church (Denver) and Remedy City Church (Portland)
Date: July 16-26, 2017
Purpose: Expose high school students to church planting in 2 different urban contexts. Team will serve the local church and do ministry within the city.

Partner: International Mission Board
Date: Summer 2017
College age students working directly among unreached people groups. Focus will be relationship building and personal evangelism by making initial contacts on university campuses and English centers.

Portland, Oregon
Partner: Remedy City Church
Date: 2017
Purpose: Work with church planters sent from from Tri-Cities. This internship is a great way to gain valuable experience in church planting and contextualization. It also serves as a valuable tool in developing a lifestyle of personal disciple-making. Find More Info.

Portland, Oregon
Partner: North American Mission Board
Date: June 6-July 2017
Purpose: Generation Send (GenSend) is an urban missions immersion experience for college age students interested in making disciples and learning about church planting. Find More Info.

Partner: Montijo Baptist Church
Date: 4-6 weeks in Summer 2017
Purpose: One male college intern interesting in working with church planters among the unevangelized and hearing impaired. This person would have to be a self-starter, willing to travel around the country alone, and stay with Portuguese families. Depending on this person's abilities, he would preach in our church, help lead activities, help with camp, visit other missionaries and help with their works.

Partner: International Mission Board – IMB Students
Date: Varied
Purpose: IMB Students is the student and young adult mobilization ministry of IMB, providing international mission opportunities throughout the world for individuals and teams. Find More Info.

Partner: International Mission Board
Date: Varied
Purpose: The IMB has multiple opportunities for everyone to be involved. Find More Info.

Tri-Cities Families Serving Globally
Tommy & Marcie Hopson – International Mission Board (IMB) , Uganda
Wayne & Allison Costley – Esther School , Zambia
Todd Jr. & Meredith Overbeek – Operation Mobilization (OM) , South Africa
Coen & Suria Schultz – Ethnos Movement International , South Africa
Frank & Jo Ogle – SCORE International , Dominican Republic

Global Partners
Mekong Evangelical Mission
Disaster Relief