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Lead One Another To A Lesser View Of Stuff

October 19, 2017
5) Lead One Another To A Lesser View Of Stuff
Elder Letter by Gene Mermilliod
Dear Church Family,
We have been working through a series of e-letters on what it means to be The Church. Today I am writing to you on the subject of "Having a lesser view of stuff."  
Certainly, to be the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, we should have a high view of such important things as Scripture, the Church, Worship, the Gospel, and the Family. But in order to have a high view of those things we must (out of necessity) have a low view stuff - or material things that can easily steal away our affections and cause us to become distracted from the best things.
Let's face it, we are all limited in time, energy and finances. Where we invest our time, energy, and finances says a lot about what is truly important to us.

We all wrestle with the tension of keeping the main thing, the main thing. Currently Gayle and I are building a house.  This is something I have desired to do for 20+ years. As we seek to downsize after having raised six children, this seemed like the best time to fulfill that goal. It also seemed to us that God was granting us this desire.
Though God has allowed us to move in this direction, I have been burdened with the incredible amount of mental energy it has required of me. It seems like there are hundreds of decisions to make and a short amount of time to make them in.

I must confess, I sometimes feel as though I am giving my leftovers to God and to the church - and it bothers me. I do not want my life to be consumed like this. Yes, I am excited about the house, but ultimately, that is not what is most important to me.
This new house may be a blessing to us for a time. But ultimately it will not be our eternal home. Our house is just a tool for ministry. It is a place to live and to operate from as we seek to minister to others. My dreams are much bigger than any house, or car, or job, or social status. My dream is to stand in the presence of my dear Savior and to hear Him say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."  
Beyond that, my dream is to meet people from all nations with whom I have had the privilege to invest in their lives over 38 years of ministry, having traveled to countless villages, towns, and cities preaching the gospel around the globe. It is a matter of perspective. I am being reminded of the old gospel song that states...
This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue. The angels beckon me from heavens open door, and I just can't feel at home in this world any more.
We all must be careful that we don't become too comfortable in this world, because this world will ultimately pass. Remember, you can't take it with you, but you can send it on ahead if your investments are made in the things that are eternal - God, His Word, and the souls of men. What are you investing in? What is really important to you? What stuff in your life is weighing you down and preventing you from pursuing that which is most important?  These are questions we all need to ask ourselves and examine our answers regularly.
Pastor Gene  

Gene Mermilliod serves as the Stewardship Pastor and Elder of Tri-Cities Baptist Church and has served on staff for over 20 years. He is married to his wife Gayle and they have six children.