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2017 Christmas Give

Each year in the month of December our church participates in a special seasonal offering we call the Christmas GIVE. The Christmas GIVE is an opportunity for the family of TCBC to prayerfully set aside our largest Christmas gift as a Kingdom gift. This provides an opportunity for each of us to live generously by giving above and beyond our regular tithes and offerings to invest in Kingdom work this Christmas season.

General Fund The general fund is what makes the day to day ministry of TCBC possible. Every ministry, every outreach, every preschooler who is taught, every Sunday morning gathering, etc. is made possible through the generous giving of the people of TCBC primarily through the general fund.

Give2GO Give2Go is a designated fund which exists to Train Leaders, Send Disciples, Plant Churches, Reach the Unreached, and Serve the Vulnerable!


Lottie Moon As a church we partner with the IMB (International Mission Board), the largest missions sending agency in the world. The IMB currently deploys over 4,000 missionaries worldwide. The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is a yearly opportunity which sends 100% of every dollar given through this offering directly to the missionaries on the field.