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“Advent” is a Latin word that means “coming.” In the Christian tradition, Advent is a season that begins four Sundays before Christmas Day where the Church has set aside to focus on the advents (coming) of Jesus. We join with saints throughout history to look back to Jesus’ first coming where God was faithful to keep His promises to send Himself as a rescuer to inaugurate the Kingdom of God in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We also look ahead to the second coming of Jesus where He promises to fulfill His promises to make all things new.

Advent allows us to slow down in the busyness that the Holiday season tends to be and focus our hearts on Jesus and what He has done. Advent pulls our gaze upward out of a season that tends to shrink our gaze solely on our own close circles of family and friends and lift our attention to God’s larger scope of his purposes for history. Advent shakes us out of the allure of materialism to remind us that our true treasure has already been given in the gift of Jesus. Advent colors hope into the longing of our hurts, fears, and the brokenness of sin we find ourselves living in, as we eagerly await Jesus to come again to set everything right.

As a church family we will spend December focusing on Jesus as our Hope, Redemption, and Future. 

Service Schedule
Sunday, December 24
9:30am & 11:00am - Regular Services (Preschool Groups only)
5:00pm - Christmas Eve Service (Family Service)

Sunday, December 31
9:30am & 11:00am - Regular Services (Preschool Groups only)